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KI-MASSAGE is performed on the clothed recipient. The tradition of the laying-on of hands for the purpose of rejuvenation and healing can be considered one of the oldest and most intuitive forms of self-care. As children already we put our hands  protectively on areas of the body that require special attention. Applied, deepened and developed over millennia in all the great cultures of the world, many styles have developed. All have in common that they strengthen the body’s self-healing and regenerative capacities, they sooth & activate the nervous system and make life energy as a source of increased pleasure and quality of life felt. And all this by seemingly simple, sometimes subtle, somtimes clearly noticeable touches. Many first-time guests are surprised at just how pleasant and touching this gentle bodywork arts are.


solo treatments available starting at 120 minutes including resting time
4 hand massage available with two therapists starting at 120 minutes

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