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Single & couple’s offers for increasing & enjoying your quality of life

Here you will find an overview of services that assist in – further – unravelling the full potential of individuals, couples and small groups … Love, success & quality of life.
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The coaching sessions provide the opportunity to recognize subconscious habits and life patterns. They then can be checked on their contribution to your life – pleasant or not, beneficial or not. If suitable outdated inner programs can be let go of and new ressourceful perspectives can be adapted, for an even more fulfilling life. Life can be good , very good .

True power comes from calmness. In each of us there is a place of silence, endlessly wide. Here is our emotional and psychological center. Those, who know how to connect with this place profoundly is gifted with a life of lightness, playfulnes and a peaceful, clear and calm  experience of everyday life. Make decisions happens naturally, easily enjoy your relationships, let your personal desires find surprising ways to their realization. Here you’ll find various ways to the inside. From there – in your time – you will be able to take deep relaxation with you.

Stretching out before she begins her dayPERSONAL YOGA

The tradition of yoga and variations in the western hemisphere offer many advantages for business and everyday life. The small and the big issues of life: health , relations, lifestyle, mental and physical balance, mind matters, balance and vitality. Personal Yoga can adress exactly the interesting topics that you need and are curious about. The full attention and sensitivity of the teacher on you and your body helps to find the best exercises for you and the individual focus will unveil what is doing you well and supporting you. Vitality & agility full of joy – with personal yoga .


To experience the forces of consciousness and sub-consciousness in harmony, is one of the great blessings of many successful people. Often this condition is referred to as ‘Flow’. To be in line with the movements of everyday life, a deep sense of harmony, regular déjà vu’s all these can be signs of this inner harmony. In the experiential hypnosis sessions the foundation is laid or strengthened for a lasting positive link between these two forces. It is practically accessible to all people and can make your lives be & feel easier and give your mind a joyful state of calmness & clarity and let the soft inner feeling of love within have a noticeable effect in our outer world. Experience it in your peronal session.