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Our team is made up of a diverse and highly trained selection of teachers, therapists and practicioners inside. Here’s a little impression. We will be happy to accompany you in your valuable experiences in our institute.

sounds-berlinwellbeing-berlinsmile-berlinhappiness-berlinrelax-berlinberlin-wellness umayberlinberlin-freudeberlin-sunberlin-arrivalwellness-in-berlinlive-berlinrelax-in-berlinWellness-Berlin   All team members share the gift of being able to care and soothe people’s bodys & souls – your body & soul – We are set to be at your service, here to accompany you, to give you support and inspiration, relaxation and renew your vital energy. Continuous, intensive trainings contribute their part to open up our guests for many a precious experience – stimulating lasting & deepening relaxation and well-being in your life. Enjoy the gifts of of being woman, man, human – here at Alma Massage Berlin

Guest’s voices:

” As a massage lover your institute was recommended to me by a dear friend, he was quite impressed with your work and soothing atmosphere and I have to say: He was right! I felt at home immediately with you and manifold more so after 2 hours of massage!! I felt soft, vivid and like I was at the same time flying and deeply, deeply centered & relaxed. What great sensations in my body. It was exactly tailored for me! The professionality to implement what I told you about me in the preliminary chat so directly … wonderful, just wonderful! Thank you. See you next month. ”
“Many, many thanks! Comfort and a huge load of new energy that’s what I take away with me from this massage experience. ”
” The energy treatment has been a real treat for me- It was so deep and touching, really, still lacking the words.”
“Now it’s about 2 weeks since I had my session at your place and there have been quite a lot of little things in my daily life that shifted to a more relaxed state. Things that used to bother me, just being easy to deal with now. Even in my family things are running much happier and more benevolent somehow. What a pleasant gift.”
” Thanks for the space of trust and joy that spontaneously opened up in massage and the happy, healing energy that has led me far away from everyday life. ”
” I ‘m still enchanted by last week’s massage! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ”
“For our wedding , we had a Lomi Lomi Nui couple’s massage. The time was so richly filled with sensations , they all seemed so endless and yet passed like a warm tropical wind on our skin. We were given ‘everything’ and now still draw unprecedented new energy. My husband’s wide open, luminous eyes after the treatment were to me a very special extra joy this soon to be continued experience brought about! ”
“Just what had I wished for! Simply letting go, nothing to take care of and enjoying a sensitive, loving massage. Mmm… ,I’m happy!”
” Thank you for the wonderful experience . This massage has really touched me. It’s been a rejuvenating experience that will accompany me as an delightful memory probably for  a very long tiem. It immersed me in a world that I had yet felt. Far away from everyday life and its business. I had all the time that I needed to let go of my thoughts & gain confidence into the beautiful movements & sensations. Until finally I was able to convince my skeptical mind, that it is good and right , just receiving and savouring each moment. Thanks for that. ”
“The massages here with you for me are always a very nice experience . Best regards!”
” Why search far and away for a great place to recharge my batteries, when your institute is right here in Berlin? Great place! Great massages! ”
“My experiences after the massage ? Deep relaxation, total peace of mind and complete emotional flow.”
“Wow! Had I known that your massages feel so good, that they take me out the constant hamster wheel of my thoughts, that they make me so happy!! Much earlier I would have booked my first appointment with you. See you again soon.”
“Did I have to reach this advanced age to learn that there are such beautiful feelings arround? Thank you a ton. ”