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Pelvic floor treatment

Treatment to relax the pelvic floor


This special treatment of pelvic floor gently loosens and relaxes the pelvic floor area of man or woman. warm oil

embed them lovingly . So sometimes consciously no longer perceived tensions are solved mindful and their impact on our

Posture corrected. There dissolve back tension and increasing vitality , sensuality and relaxation stretch from the center of the body.

While this external treatment using specific massage techniques and relaxation techniques of the abdomen and pelvis can possibly almost forgotten

Ease recover . This can then also be in a different pace – in many different senses – reflect . The abdomen , especially the female , lives in its own slow rhythm ,

away from all the hustle and bustle – and that’s a good thing. In this rest is our strength , which can be ignited as emblematic fire when it is appropriate.

At the request reached the inner silence can directly connect to this application are used to with the indwelling female primal knowledge – which in the uterus

rests – to come into contact and dialogue . In other cultures, the knowledge in this respect is widespread and the women are honored and respected for that contact ! this

Process happens completely relaxed and it is deeply impressive for many women, which want their voices heard in such moments . The loving and sensitive accompaniment opens up a space of

Arriving & suspension . There is nothing to do . Listen touching just happens and your center is revealed .
The pelvic floor treatment is always embedded in a full body massage á 120 minutes

120 minute full body massage including pelvic relaxation treatment of 45 minutes for 150 €

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150 minutes full body massage including pelvic floor treatment of 60 minutes with ” womb -talk ” for 190, – €

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