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happy and carefree teenage girl
 happy and carefree teenage girl


Personal habits are amongst the most powerful factors in shaping our lives. What habits do I tend to? Which of them serve me? Which do I want to let go of? Which of them make my life richer and happier? The Lifestyle Coaching is all about how you can tap into your hidden resources of joy and personal direction. How do you feel about your quality of life, your body, family? Experience your heart and spirit in an easy, playful manner transformed by the power of habit.


The success coaching serves step by step to unleash the dormant aspects success in all areas of your life. What goals do you long for? What dreams have already been realized and what steps lead to the next exciting point view. Success is innate in us. It’s  who we are. The art that is learned here is to let it shine through into all important aspects of our lives.


The human brain, thinking machine, receiver and transmitter, antenna – both internally and externally. In its many levels the control center of our consciousness is said to be at home. How do I use this powerful tool an efficient manner? How do I learn to use it in efficiently and with easy, and also know how to switch off at times? How can I champion this marvel and a tthe same time live my life relaxed and with grace? These and other questions are answered in the mental coaching. Clarity & creativity for natural flow. 


Solo & for couples Relationship, partnership, love are some of the richest human playing fields. What style of connecting do I want to live? How? With whom? What does my heart call for? What do I have to contribute? What do I want to give and share? Here you’ll find perspectives, feedback and open-hearted company with (almost) all questions, dreams, and variations of this wonderful sphere of life.

  • Exploring boundaries together – and enjoying, expanding them intimately?
  • The balance of trust and devotion 
  • Polarity and unity for two


My Body: What I know about it? What does it need? Not everyone has the good fortune of childhood, all the helpful information at hand  right from the start. How to the use, maintain and develop this body in the best, easiest most precious ways available. Observing experiences and behaviors, learning by imitation or other methods. Here the knowledge of our coaches comes to you physically palpable. Get to know yourself as a director and connoisseur of your body! It is rich, challenging, exciting and at the same time a grateful companion in this life. What you now need in order to feel whole in it – at home? Here you will find answers.


Touch is a basic human need and a source of joy and satisfaction. How much it is part of your life? Do you know what it means  to trigger in another human being – in your partner tingling sensation. How do you empathize with people deeply? Does your touch also resonnate into your own body? What does it mean for you to physically do good unto a loved one ? How much do you let yourself go in playful touching? Many aspects and treasures are to be discovered. Enjoy. 

INDIVIDUAL SESSION à 90 Minutes 130 €

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