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With freshness and heart , we offer a very special experience in the form of intuitive massage. These clings like a second skin individually at the receiver.

Your pace , the quality, the order and the preferred regions arise only out of pulses . These consist of the wishes and preferences, which can express the preliminary and the receiver needs to be felt during the massage of his body and energy field for us masseurs.

The particular individuality is based on trust, openness and dedication of the recipient.

So we can not let our massage therapists play a wide experience and engage us completely on the man and his nature – by skilled perception and presence to accompany the recipient to a wonderful trip .

It can open a wide space by intuition , individuality and naturalness – this can be your own qualities ( re ) discovered and strengthened. So the intention of the character of this massage to fit your needs fully – is it a spa massage with a written just for you choreography ?

Or just an adventure , a journey into the “Blue ” – you want an affirmation to reinforce or to revive a feeling in you? Want a classic massage or you want to learn your new sensibility to touch ?

Their experience are ( almost) limitless.
The admission to the Intuitive massage requires your trust , which you must pay a stranger . Our work is based primarily on meeting people where they are. Thus we have no expectations of you or to your personal level of confidence . In a preliminary discussion we will have the opportunity to get to know us and circling your anticipated needs of this massage .

The massage takes place either on the couch or on a bed – this is optional. We are happy to cater to your desire to let the massage for sensual discoveries and experiences. Here we would like to emphasize that we do not offer sensual massage as an erotic massage. The sensuality is to be welcomed on a trip to herself inside. We want this value may give you and perhaps a bit of healing and self-knowledge in new areas of experience .

For your downstream space for such a gift to yourself, we recommend the ” appropriate ” content to ensure in advance : for example, lends itself to a pre-heated home, with plenty of rest and good music . Or it takes you then to dwell in nature. Let your needs and desires run wild and you can create the perfect break from everyday life . Thus, the effect of intuitive massage and escort you to fully unfold strengthened and nourished.