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The HOT STONE MASSAGE has become one of the classics among the spa massages. The interplay of the elements pressure, heat and flowing contact with the massage stones, as well as the hands of the massage artist give joyful and novel sensations that offer deep relaxation and recreation. Volcanic and/or semi-precious stones are combined with high-quality, organic oils and exquisite, surprising massage techniques. Eventually making you feel like floating on clouds – a blissful state of relaxation.


solo treatments available starting at 120 minutes including resting time

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Hot Stone Massage. Just the name triggers a deep relaxation response within the mind and body.  Since man first gathered around the fire at night to keep warm, the natural human reaction to warmth is to open up and receive.  Many ancient cultures living near hot springs developed techniques of applying naturally warmed stones to the body for comfort and healing.
You can now experience the modern application of the ancient Hot Stone Massage technique here in Berlin.

To bring this ancient healing warmth and therapy to our modern world, we use smooth, high quality, heat-holding Basalt stones and semi-precious stones in our Hot Stone Massage.
While the stones are heated in water to the perfect temperature, our therapist begins with a warm oil & hand massage to get your muscles ready for the pleasure to come.  Then they will take a warm stone in their hands and introduce the massage oil to the stone.  Next they will use just their hands with the added warmth of the stone to again gently massage the muscles.  When the muscles have been gradually warmed up, they are then ready for the direct application of the oiled, warmed stones to the well lubricated skin.  In this manner, all the tissues in the body are well prepared for the Hot Stone Massage.

When the waves of warmth flow into the body, the mind is carried away to an ocean of deep relaxation and release.   The deep heating of tired, knotted muscles triggers the body to open and relax, which allows healing to enter deeply as tiredness melts away.  Because your body wants to let go of stress and tension held in the muscles, the mind and body experience incredible satisfaction and enjoyment during the Hot Stone Massage.  You may actually feel your mind melting with pleasure.

The warmth of a Hot Stone Massage will warm your body to the core and is perfect for the winter months, or anytime during the year.  As the warm stones smoothly float over the skin, the lymph and immune systems are stimulated and activated to keep you robust and healthy.  The Hot Stone Massage encourages the flow of lymph fluid through the lymph system which is a major factor in your body’s immune defense system.  With no pump like the blood system has (your heart) the lymph system benefits greatly from the warmth and gliding movement of the stones over the lymph system’s path ways in the body.  Your body’s natural response to illness and ability to maintain your health is strengthened and fortified during and after the Hot Stone Massage.

For those who have trouble sleeping, the Hot Stone Massage has the ability to cause relaxation and allow a natural deep sleep to follow the massage.  The high quality of restfulness during sleep after a Hot Stone Massage can cause a renewed flow of energy over the next few day.  However, strenuous physical activity should not be planned immediately after a Hot Stone Massage as the body will want to integrate the relaxation and healing experience obtained during the massage.

HOT STONE MASSAGE – Warmth that soothes deeply.

Our therapist has also been trained in the use of Sacred Essential Oils and the energy work of opening the body’s chakras, or energy gates.  This added method causes stagnant energy to gently flow out of the physical body.  In addition to the gratification and bliss to the mind and body, the energetic bodies are also experiencing a cleansing flow of pure healing energy from the source.

Call today for a Hot Stone Massage to keep yourself healthy, relive tired muscles and experience the mind melting pleasure and luxury of deeply received warmth from the stones.