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The idea of ​​the Manipura massage was formed in 2006 when we were looking for a certain type of massage . Each massage has its own character and focus , and we missed an oil massage that not only penetrates deep into the tissue but also deep into the structure of a human. The result was the “recipe ” of the Manipura massage , their effect is intense and liberating at all levels.

Ayurvedic herbal oils stroke techniques and promote the detoxification process and the soft body gently and carefully on . The receiver can relax and immerse themselves in it. Touches from the energy working to harmonize the energy pathways and give a sense of peace . A special coating technology , namely below the body , is the crowning glory of this massage – the receiver not only feels literally worn on hands, a very special feeling of weightlessness and inner harmony is adjusted.

This massage will step into a little trance and thus offers much meeting with yourself you is a special gift to yourself ( and also issue a voucher to his loved ones ) .

We give this massage intentionally plenty of time to rest afterwards and recommend a short visit to the sauna to support the detoxification process . It is advisable to embed this massage into your evening or a vacation day . We will provide you with plenty of water and tea and you can fortify yourself with some fruit like after the massage .

The massage takes place on the massage table and is divided into three parts. We start with a facial massage and a small Stirnguß , ” welcome ” your hands and feet with a nice relaxing massage and let then turn on the abdomen .

The massage of the back and the front begins with a warm Ölguß and it follows the in-house choreography. After the massage, you can possibly feel pleasantly tired – this is due to the detoxifying your body – but a few hours later and with enough liquid to ease the neugewonne is to fully develop .

Where did the Manipura massage her name? Manipura is the Sanskrit name for the solar plexus chakra . The solar plexus chakra is the little engine in your body that is responsible for our strength, our fire , our freedom and our identity. And we have also created the Manipura massage.