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Of course, we love the people who are close to us . And are close to us , are also often in conjunction with our needs . Often the presence of a partner tempts ” to impose ” our needs him to want him and perhaps also due to the overburden .

The saturation of needs is the most powerful in the heart area . Things to the brim and fill us with love can appear to us with much composure other needs of the everyday void. Meeting we filled to the brim on our loved ones , so frugal , there is an incredibly peaceful and unique moment . Because then flourishes more the actual , pure and unconditional love.

Exactly what we want may give the couples massage . Massages are a wonderful opportunity to try to fill ” brim ” his longing for His unconditional and want to meet in full surrender and passivity , without any expectation on the outside.

Each of our massages we offer massage as a couple and you can choose to enjoy this in one or two rooms. Our recommendation are two rooms , because experience has shown that each individual perceives more of its own massage if he is allowed to go alone to his own emotional journey . This particular bliss for two unfolds beautifully in the common downstream space . In this , we introduce the partner to his partner and you can calmly end up back together and share their being touched .