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Personal Yoga

Stretching out before she begins her day

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Yoga is a practical & powerful way to become & stay young and flexible in the physical and many other areas of your life! The gentle yet activating exercises bring you mobility and advanced overall performance.


Hatha Yoga provides various traditional physical exercises, such as the sun salutation and the basic postures, the asanas. In this approach you’ll build physical and mental strength and extend your body’s endurance in a way that starts softly. Building up your ressources through relaxation and self care to then have a go at challenges and exciting tasks that bring an abundance of fexibility & ease into your life. The wonderful meditative side of yoga furthermore will then be a rich source of rejuvenation and inspiration 


The spine is your structural pillar. It supports us and straightens you up in your day – physically & proverbially. In this specific approach to personal yoga we will tend to the needs of your back and provide more flexibility and power, alighnment & ease. The included exercises are ideal as a support to relieve back pain or improve your endurance so, that you won’t have to think about your back in the future. Find fluidity and strength right inside of you.



not only for married couples

Partner yoga is a delicate and enchanting interplay between relaxing and exchanging attention. Give and receive, as you bcome more sensitive to your own and your partners needs and strengths. Relationships can deepen in joy through this practice. For example, in the following areas :

  • Discovering/extending boundaries through the support of the partner
  • Supporting, trusting and letting go physically and emotionally
  • getting to know each other anew and perceiving new levels of interaction

The more you open up to yourse & your partner in the yoga postures & beyond, the more you grow. In the Yoga session and beyond

Personal Yoga in individual & couple’s sessions lessons is abound in benefits.

You in your uniqueness – especially considering your anatomical predispositions and gifts – are entirely in the focus here. Thus, the finely tuned compositions of the individual traditional physical and breathing exercises, as well as the in-depth knowledge about the principles of modern anatomical & physiological are applied by your teacher exactly for you.
Changes and progress in all areas can be minutely observed and calibrated to get the best possible outcome for your well-being right to you.

SINGLE CLASS 60 Minuten : 75,- €

SINGLE & COUPLE CLASS 90 Minuten : 95,- €

Let yourself be inspired by this special blessing .

A select team of yoga teachers at GANZHEITLICH ICH is available for you with this service and will be pleased to be there for you.