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Wealth & abundance workshop

Love, health and wealth , for example in terms of money are current life issues that affect our happiness crucially – more or less consciously .

So we want mostly a self-determined life in utmost prosperity and happy relationships . Our personal systems are pushing and striving to meet their own way of its development. Self-reflection , self- esteem and self-determination to help them . Beliefs , biases , unflattering self-image , however, inhibit our personal development. When we realize that parts inside are responsible for how is our life , then we have also the possibility – previously involuntarily working processes – conscious to use & change where desirable.

The workshop ” inner wealth – wealth outside” offers the chance beliefs and patterns to reveal, to investigate their usefulness and to deepen either to accept or let go. So our wealth is at all levels of the free path for an even happier life.

The themes of wealth, health , interpersonal relationships and money are determined by three basic fears :
Fear not to have it – to have the fear it – the fear of losing it
Only when these are addressed – to the lower levels – fully develop confidence, strength and devotion.

Fear is not to get one of the best states of consciousness , what you want and get what you do not want. It is a form of mind game and recognized as such felt, it brings us vitality and at the same time , we remain free to use them, and where we like to put that behind us , where we prefer. Therefore be considered consciously fearful thought patterns and emotional habits in this workshop and made ​​the deeper , positive attitudes also available .

Using methods from quantum healing , hypnosis , NLP and the interweaving of scientific knowledge of psychological and sociological research actions and mindsets in this seminar experience with which we can change the basic forces of our lives as our values ​​align and needs that we both consciously rather unconsciously open love, happiness and abundance door .

Date, see the seminar schedule – or request via e-mail

Saturday & Sunday :
10:00 to 14:00 h & 12:00 to 16:00 h

€ 150 per participant

Number of participants is limited to 15-25