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Woman at Wellness massage with singing bowlsThe SOUND MASSAGE unfolds with the body being clothed.

The sound massage with tibetan singing bowls is an excellent way to reliev physical pain, connect with yourself on a deeper level and to improve mental and emotional well-being. The rich overtones allow muscles to deeply relax. Once the muscular tension are released the waste of energy is reduced to minimum and a state of mental and emotional clarity can be easily reached in the way of getting out of mind patterns and seeing solutions about long-held problems.

According to Dr. Masaru Emoto’s studies, water is a powerful carrier of informations: about 80 percent of our body consists of it, and for that reason it is important to feed our inner fluids with a positive charge. When a stone is thrown in a lake, it creates concentric circles. In a similar way works the Sound Massage: the bowls are placed on or near the interested area of the patient’s body, and their high-frequency vibration will rub the cells and loose the stagnant tensions.

A session is recommended to all who are looking to alleviate physical pain ( joints/muscles/ back pain, digestive issues, high blood pressure) and it’s origins as well finding & strengthening mental and emotional balance, mild phenomena of depression, insomnia, low self-esteem, defficulties with letting go of negative patterns and worries of everyday’s life find a space in this treatment to improve in or even totally dissolve.


solo treatments available starting at 120 minutes including resting time

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