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Each massage has its own way to lead the receiver in its center. On one side of the way of the Tao Massage is a massage of meditative forms because they z.Bsp . not a moment to relax muscles focused, like maybe a vigorous massage oil . On the other hand, it seems a highly intelligent as they can , with their solid choreography and extraordinary but delicate touches to put the receiver into a wonderful transmissive state.
Their intention is to a body’s yin energy body of a human being – and yang principle, which was derived from Taoism , to stimulate , soothe, to combine and harmonize .

The energy body we can imagine as such, which , in direct connection with our spirit , the mental body , and our human shell , the physical body. All three are interlinked and can affect negatively or positively .

This field , which is addressed here is big and is only touched upon in order to convey a feeling that this massage refers to relationships of our being. It is a wonderful experience and holds absolute ” addictive ” because who would this state of harmony in its being not want to enjoy again and again?

For us the Tao Massage is nicknamed ” Little Buddha ” . Their fine and delicate effect on the recipient is a unique experience . It deals with the whole body , touching energy pathways and energy points follows these in a ritual of meditation.

This program has been created by two specialists in the field of Taoism , by Stephen Russell and Jurgen Kolb. It begins shortly on the front of the body, allows the receiver to turn back, and ends back at the front.

The massage can massage on the bed, or on the massage table and takes place for the smooth flow massage massage oil to help. After the massage, you have to shower a few minutes of rest time for you and the occasion. The effects of massage will unfold smoothly . After an introduction to the Tao massage everyday life is easy , you feel very calm, balanced and grounded primarily . Therefore, the Tao Massage is ideal between the small island of tranquility and an ideal relief in stressful or difficult times.