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YOUR MASSAGES – An excerpt

Women, men, couples, groups – in short: all friends of the precious massage arts find a select and abundant buffet of experiences for body and soul here:



Small habits in everyday life, when pursued regularly contribute positively to our quality of life – with merely little effort. Hidden islands of bliss strengthen your balance. Our Ayurvedic massages offer exactly this.

LOMI LOMI NUI – Hawaiian Massages


Lomi Lomi Nui is the name of an ancient ritual that was practiced by the Kahuna, the healers of old Hawaii. It’ is a artful temple dance massage to prepare the dancers for days of worship dances to the gods. Here, this art of touch continues.


hot-stone-massage-berlin The soothing heat from these soft stones, the flowing sensation of this archaic element on the skin brings about an eleted state of relaxation and joy in the body. New & surprising techniques leave your body vibrant with life energy. This exotic massage combines warmth, intensity and tender aspects into one precious unified experience.



Laying on of hands, healing touch, Flow-Touch – The names are a many. The effects experienced since the beginning of the caring for one another are legion. Although externally the hands of the practitioner only gently modify their positions inside of you as a receiver powerful effects, heat and deepest states of relaxation occur. Setting the physical and mental systems into a comforting state balance. Sometimes too last for days.




The pure power of the life energy – the japanese Acupressure & Shiatsu treatments nourish with gentle to powerful pressure the free flow of energy in your body. Mental & emotional balance and overall wellbeing are provided for by a finely tuned by a mixture of silence and dynamism.



Meridians flowing strongly and quietly with joyous life energy – The Thai Yoga Massage provides a connection of ancient asian massage systems, a vast body of knowledge from yogic traditions and an up-to-date scinetific aproach of physiology – applied to the requirements of modern Western life. Specific techniques and eventually passive stretching loosen the body and create space and mobility for your relaxation and grace.


Woman at Wellness massage with singing bowls

Sounds create movement in our body. Vibrations and frequencies that penetrate any tension playfully, touching us softly inside and out. All yielding can gently fall off for this time accompanied by gentle sounds & movements of this treatment.


liquid-bliss-massage-berlin Water – main ingredient & crucial means of communication of the human body. Flowing, three-dimensional movements in the 34° C warm liquid element bring profound harmony into mind and emotions. Experiences of being taken care of, feelings of overflowing love and comfort are set free in this deep relaxation provoking in-water massage.